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Firm Overview

Allan & Martelle is a law firm that focuses exclusively on providing legal representation in the area of family law. Our firm believes that exceptional representation in family law matters depends on three key areas.


It is our mission to achieve the most beneficial resolution for our clients. To effectuate the appropriate resolution, we understand that zealous, yet compassionate, representation is necessary. Legal issues can generate significant emotional obstacles, and we embrace the opportunity to be more than just an advocate; we embrace our role as counselor.


We understand effective legal representation is dependent upon efficient and consistent communication with the client. Therefore, it is our goal to be available to each and every client and to keep all clients informed of the developments of their case. We strive to make ourselves available to our clients at all possible and appropriate times. We strive to return all phone calls within one business day.


We believe that each case and client is unique. We understand that the basic structure of resolving family law issues, with the assistance of the courts, is not always the best option for every client. In an effort to resolve matters in the most appropriate manner, we consider all possible options, including mediation and collaboration.

Firm Awards

2020: The Best Law Firms in America 2020, U.S. News & World Report

2014: Both attorneys won the 2014 Henry B. Collada Memorial Award,
Superior Court of California Santa Clara County

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Callan Olsen
Senior Associate

Callan Olsen joined Allan & Martelle, LLP in 2015 and has been an immeasurably valuable asset to the firm ever since. In the course of the recent six years, Callan has learned the ins and outs of Family Law, having served in the capacities of Law Clerk, Associate Attorney, and currently as Senior Associate. In many cases, Callan is the right-hand woman to lead attorneys Heather and Eva.

Callan graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Psychology and went on to get her Juris Doctorate and a Master’s of Jurisprudence in Legal Doctrine and Analysis from Michigan State University College of Law. Beginning in law school, Callan’s focus has been on Child and Family Advocacy, earning a Jurisprudence Award in Integrative Law and Social Work. She is a member of the California Young Lawyers Association and the Santa Clara County Bar Association, including participation in the Minor’s Counsel Subcommittee working to assist families during some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Callan specializes in Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements, Child Custody, Visitation, and Domestic Violence, but also has extensive experience in Spousal and Child Support issues and Minor’s Counsel cases. Prior to joining Allan & Martelle, Callan clerked for various law firms and the Ingham County Probate Court. Aside from the many hours Callan dedicates to her clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children, hiking with her dog, cycling on her Peloton bike, and traveling with her family.

Stella Lightfoot
Senior Legal Assistant

Knowledge, leadership, and versatility make Stella Lightfoot one of the most valuable employees at Allan & Martelle, LLP since she joined in 2017. Having served the firm in numerous positions, Stella is able to navigate practically any challenges in a client’s case. She is experienced in cases that deal with child custody/visitation, child support and spousal support, but especially loves to work on cases involving domestic violence restraining orders and assisting with high conflict Minor’s Counsel cases.

Stella graduated from Sierra College with an A.A. in Fashion Merchandising in 2010. She went on to graduate from the ABA approved Paralegal Certificate Program at West Valley College in May 2020. Stella often trains new firm employees in various positions and demonstrates tremendous leadership skills, which undoubtedly reflect her confidence while serving clients. Away from the firm, Stella likes to spend time with family, especially her niece, collect unique houseplants, play with her cats and watch the latest true crime documentary on Netflix.

Jessica Colling
Legal Assistant

One of the more recent additions to the Allan & Martelle team, Jessica Colling joined the firm in 2020 but has wasted no time proving herself to be a diligent, skilled, and communicative team member. Jessica enjoys various aspects of Family Law, but most particularly she loves assisting clients to reach a full resolution. Currently, she serves the firm on a large variety of family law cases, seeking to gain exposure with every element of the complicated family law issues faced by our clients. When looking for a legal assistant who is enthusiastic and passionate about taking any problem head-on, Jessica is our firm favorite!

Jessica graduated from California State University, Fresno with a B.S. in Animal Science. Since then, she has built up her career in Law and graduated from the ABA-approved Paralegal Certificate Program at West Valley College in June 2020. She gained lengthy and valuable experience in Corporate Law as a Paralegal and Legal Administrator. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys riding her horse, visiting National Parks, and spending time with her family.

Samantha Cano
Legal Assistant

Since Samantha Cano joined Allan & Martelle, LLP in 2019, the firm has seen no end to her enthusiastic and justice-driven dedication. She works alongside lead attorney, Eva Martelle, to provide effective and poignant representation to the firm’s clients. Stemming from a desire to help those in her community, Samantha relentlessly advocates for our clients on a variety of cases. Most particularly, she enjoys working on Domestic Violence, Child Custody, and Minor’s Counsel because she has a strong desire to assist vulnerable victims attain access to justice.

Having graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and minor in Legal Studies, Samantha brought her justice lens to the Bay Area. She plans to attend Law School in the near future and is excited to continue her career as a legal advocate. Apart from working on cases for the firm, Samantha enjoys running, painting and watching movies.

Alexa LeBlanc
Legal Assistant

Alexa LeBlanc is a recent addition to the team at Allan & Martelle, and she is excited to learn what family law is all about in the position of Legal Assistant. She has always had a strong aspiration to pursue a career in law, but her interest in family law comes from a past AmeriCorps fellowship working with the youth of San Jose. In this position, Alexa was able to work one-on-one with young students in disadvantaged communities and learn about their personal struggles as well as their aspirations. This up-close and personal work showed Alexa that she has the ability to help those in her community and make a difference in their lives, which she hopes to continue to do in the legal field.

Alexa completed her studies at San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a double minor in Business and Psychology. Due to her passion for education, she has completed her undergraduate degree in only two and a half years and graduated summa cum laude in December 2021. She has plans to apply to law school in the near future and is excited to learn from the firm. When she is not working hard at the firm or studying for exams, Alexa enjoys hiking with her dog, baking, or spending quality time with her parents.

Sabrina Cisneros
Legal & Accounting Assistant

Sabrina Cisneros is a Legal & Accounting Assistant at Allan & Martelle, LLP. She has been successfully assisting attorneys across diverse areas of law, including family, bankruptcy, criminal, civil litigation and estate planning for over 18 years. Sabrina first joined Allan & Martelle in 2008. She brings a rich background of versatile legal experience and a level-headed management style to the team, helping calm the often emotionally intense waters associated with Family Law. Over the course of working at Allan & Martelle, Sabrina has enjoyed the rewarding experience of assisting clients and potential clients during very difficult times in their lives.

Sabrina has an Associates Degree in Liberal Studies and is an ABA Certificated Paralegal. She enjoys time with her husband and their two children, doing things like traveling, taking long walks, and spending time in nature.

Ria Kanani
Legal Operations Manager

Ria Kanani is diligent, driven, and an assiduous student of Law. She has been serving in various roles at Allan & Martelle, LLP for over two years. While hustling alongside the rest of the team, Ria finds gratification in working with vulnerable victims on court-appointed Minor’s Counsel cases and DV-related issues. Prior to joining the firm in 2019, Ria garnered experience in Immigration Law and Policy Making. Ria has also led community workshops on Human Trafficking in the Strong Girls, Strong Women conferences hosted by Santa Clara County’s Office of Women’s Policy.

Ria is a student at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington D.C. where she is on track to graduate with honors and a B.S. in International Political Economy. She is President of the Women’s Network at Georgetown University and maintains an extensive network across the country with the aim to one day be serving victims of sexual violence as a litigator. Outside of work, Ria enjoys globetrotting, hiking, and tasting coffee beans!

Sara Cossa

After working in politics for nearly two years assisting a County Supervisor in her hometown of Santa Maria, California, Sara decided to relocate to the Bay Area and began working for our firm where she immediately fit right in with our team. Sara works with our entire staff performing a wide variety of tasks, including being the first point of contact for all our new and potential clients. Her background in the public sector and desire to help others makes her a great asset to our firm.

For years, Sara deliberated between wanting to practice law and wanting to become an elementary school teacher and eventually found a compromise between the two in family law where she has the opportunity to deal with children and family matters within a legal framework. Sara graduated from Santa Clara University in June 2021 with a degree in political science and hopes to eventually return to school to receive her law degree. In her free time, Sara enjoys hiking, running, and baking.

Dora Nagy
File Clerk

With a drive for justice and legal studies, Dora Nagy found herself delighted to be joining the team at Allan & Martelle as a File Clerk. Coming in with an already established background in Victim Services at the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, where she was dedicated to providing resources to survivors of violent crime. She is confident that her organizational skills, devotion to the job, and enthusiasm to learn will help support the team in providing their clients the best outcome possible. Actively working to uphold honesty, integrity, and lawfulness are the reasons that this field of work is right for her. Dora is most looking forward to assisting her colleagues with research, case records, and updating files.

Dora continues to follow her passions while completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at San Jose State University. In her third year at the university, she is thrilled to become a full member of Pi Sigma Alpha, San Jose State’s Political Science National Honors Society. Outside of work, Dora finds great comfort in playing with her cats, hiking, and spending time with loved ones.